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Gifts from the gods may be as much a bane as a blessing. So Firethorn discovers when a god bestows upon her both uncanny abilities and a vexing sense of destiny. Too restless to drudge her life away in a small village, she takes up with Sire Galan, a highborn warrior on his way to join the king's army, only to find she has exchanged one form of servitude for another. In the Marchfield, the encampment where the army readies for war, Firethorn is just a sheath, one step above a whore. But she uses her gifts as a healer to make a place for herself among the camp's harlots, concubines, and dames.

Galan makes a small wager with disastrous consequences, setting clans at odds and hazarding Firethorn's heart. She intervenes in his fate, and learns how hard it can be to tell honor from dishonor, justice from vengeance.

"Micklem's majestic and powerful debut, the first volume of a fantasy trilogy, introduces a compelling heroine with a strong, original voice." --Publishers Weekly, starred review | Read more

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